From Kevin T. Krater

Potential Clients,

My name is Kevin Krater and I started smoking at the age of 17. 1 smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day until the age of 40. At that time I began to use snuff tobacco in place of cigarettes to avoid the horrible smell. This was a huge mistake because my nicotine consumption doubled. I no longer had to leave my office or go outside to “have a smoke*. I could work at my desk or sit in my home while using chewing tobacco and no one would be the wiser and that’s what I did, continuously.

At the age of 50 I was in pretty good health. I was eating right and exercising regularly but I was still under the thumb of nicotine. It was really starting to weigh on my mind that I needed to quit using tobacco. I felt my healthy lifestyle was a sham unless I stopped using nicotine. A friend recommended the services of Lucinda Balgooyen Certified Hypnotherapist to help me quit. I had use hypnosis in the past on four different occasions to quit smoking. The results of one session lasted about six months but the other three only lasted for a couple of days. But I was ready to try again.

I decided to contact Lucinda for help. it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. it was a very different approach to prior hypnotherapy sessions I had experienced. Lucinda took the time to interview me to find out why I used tobacco and what triggered the impulse for me to use. Lucinda is extremely professional and truly seemed to care about my fight and wanted to see me succeed.

After the first session, I knew I was cured! I know it sounds impossible but it’s true. I went back two more times for reinforcement but knew I would never use nicotine again. I believe it was Lucinda’s unique approach and my commitment to wanting to quit that was the keys to my success. It was extremely easy. I had minimal cravings after the first session which would last a few of seconds but then eventually went away and then stopped entirely. As of today, I am 325 days nicotine free and I feel great.

I highly recommend Lucinda Balgooyen to help you conquer whatever it is that’s standing in your way of living a full and complete life.

Best wishes,
Kevin T. Krater


It was my pleasure to write a testimonial for you. Feel free to change or correct any punctuation needed. I am 325 days nicotine free and have you to thank, so THANK YOU! It really was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to make it.

All the best,

Kevin Krater

From Robert

Lucinda’s work is alchemical and restorative. Her voice, timing, and insights are evocative. They are just right. She guides one through a surprising journey full of important discoveries and hoped for resolutions. Whether you have ever worked with a hypnotherapist before or not, I encourage you to avail yourself of the skill and talent of this extraordinary healer/practitioner.

From R. Foster Hubbard

Professionally speaking, Lucinda has been a competent and professional person that aided me when I needed help to overcome problems that I do not think anyone else could have helped me tackle. She blessed my life with instructional lessons in Hypnosis, and with her quiet, educational way of teaching the process she contributed to the betterment of my life.